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Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Something I learned along my self-love journey was to pay attention to my body and my intuition. Slowly but surly, I built a trusting relationship with both, which allowed for me to recognize when I was out of alignment with myself.

Simply put, whenever I don’t feel good—not just having a bad day or feeling tired that day—but when the days are going by and I feel off, like something isn’t right with me, that feeling let’s me know that I’m out of alignment. Usually the feeling is in my stomach, and it feels like a mix between, “there’s something I’m supposed to be doing, but I’ve forgotten what it was” and “there is somewhere I’m supposed to be but, I’m not sure where”—that’s when I know it’s time to check in with myself:

“What am I doing right now that I shouldn’t be?”

“Is there something I’m running from?”

“Did someone say something to me this week that stirred a pot I thought was settled inside of me?”

“Do I need more sleep?”

“What do I have on my plate right now, and are they beginning to be too much?”

“Have my actions lately been matching up with the things I’ve said I wanted for myself?”

“Is there something that I’ve been lying to myself about?”

“Is there something I’ve been trying to hold onto that needs to be let go of?”

“Am I resisting something?”

“Am I procrastinating with something?”

“Am I holding something in/not speaking up for myself?”

“Do I need a fucking vacation?”

I made this list of questions for myself a couple of years ago and have them written down on the first page of a journal I keep specifically for my self-checks ups.

Checking in on myself has never failed me—not once—and is a big part of the reason I advocate for journaling so much. The next time you feel like you’re out of alignment with yourself, take my list of questions, write them in your own journal, then answer them honestly. If the answers to any of the questions above are “yes”, then be sure to follow that answer by writing out the reason(s).

Sometimes journaling can feel a little overwhelming for a lot of folks because they don’t know where to start/need some direction, if that’s you, click here and grab the Sis, Get Your Sh*t Together journals—they have prompts in them.

Go be great,



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