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From toxic relationships to healthy ones, heartbreaks to healing, dating to committed relationships, spirituality to self-love, accountabilty and growth - I talk candidly about it all. 

WARNING: If you are sensitive to honesty, this podcast ain't the place for you to be. I don't sugarcoat ish for myself, so I don't sugarcoat ish for anyone else.

That said, you'll have to move your triggers to the side so you can open up your mind... and enjoy.

Also available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts

Collective Tarot and Oracle Readings, Monday through Friday, to help you practice using your intuition, sis.


If you're an avid listener of the Sis, Get Your Ish Together Podcast - then you know that I'm all about inner-work in all the ways. Because I've worked with so many women in my group class, membership, and one on one sessions, I know that one of the biggest struggles so many women have is: building, or rebuilding a healthy relationship with their intuition.


Working with Oracle and Tarot cards is also something that I've been doing for quite some time, and while they can be used for a plethora of different things, I have found that they are actually a great tool for learning how to lean into, and trust your own intuition - and that's what this podcast is all about. 

Also available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts

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