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Updated: Jun 19

If you're already going out of your way (overextending yourself) to "make" it work with a guy you just started dating, I want you to stop and really imaging what your future is going to look like with this guy; matter of fact, let me help you...

It's going to be you: Constantly overextending yourself, doing most (or literally all) of the emotional labour, taking most (or all) of the initiave when it comes to planning dates, trips, dinners, spending quality time, etc. putting in most (or all) of the effort.

Sounds draining, doesn't it? Right.

Do yourself a solid and stop setting yourself up for a future of misery with men who show you - right from the beginning - that they aren't interested in being your partner. Stop trying to "prove" that you're "wifey material" to men who aren't even partner material. Stop going out of your way to try and "make" it work with men who clearly aren't interested in working with you.

I always hear women say, "dating is really hard". I say dating is only really hard when we make it hard for ourselves.

Food for thought. Finish your plate so you can go be great.

P.S If you're having trouble/need some guidance when it comes to doing your inner work...

click here and grab my ebook bundle - it comes with 3 workbooks that will help you.

Much love,


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