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Journaling is powerful for many, many reasons. It can help you process the things you’ve been through, reflect on the choices you’ve made or are thinking about making, help you through your healing journey, and be a true mirror to get to know yourself better. For a lot of women though, just the idea of journaling can feel daunting simply because they don’t know where to start or what to write—that’s where journal prompts can make such a huge difference. 

If you’re familiar with any of my books—Letter to My Ex, Spilled Words, The Self-Love Bible, Blush—then you know that I’ve been through a lot and I’ve put myself through alot. You also know that writing the truth about the good, bad, and everything in between is ultimately what helped me navigate through my emotions and actions, confront myself, unpack, process, heal…and grow.
I put this journal together based on some of the entries from my own past journals. Entries that really helped put things about myself into a perspective I couldn’t ignore or run from, which essentially forced me to get my sh*t together. 
That said, if you’re ready to be completely honest with yourself, then the prompts in this journal can help you get your sh*t together, too.


Sis, Get Your Sh*t Together

Journal prompts & quotes for some serious
reflection & growth.


A self-love journey is a personal one, which is why no one can ever really tell you exactly how to love yourself.

What you need to do for yourself won’t ever be the exact same as what I need to do for myself, or what another woman needs to do for herself. We may have been through, and also put ourselves through many of the same things, but those things affected all of us in different ways, and because of that, we all have our own layers to peel back. Some us have wounds that are sitting on top of our hearts, others of us have wounds that are buried deep within our spirits, while many of us have a mix of both—how many layers you have to peel back to get to yours, might not be the same amount of layers another woman has to peel to get to hers.


Hey, boo! My E-Books are priced in USD and are PDF versions that are sent to your email address. From your email, you can download them to your phone, tablet, or laptop. Once downloaded, if you intend to keep your E-books and/or audiobooks, you must save them to your chosen device - this is also written out clearly in the terms and conditions on the checkout page, so kindly read it thoroughly to avoid any misunderstandings. 

The link for the paperback version will take you to Amazon U.S. If you live elsewhere in the world (Canada, the U.K, etc.) simply head to your countries Amazon.


Much love, and happy reading. xo

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