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"What order should I read your books in?"


My books can be read in any order, however, Letters to My Ex was the first book I ever wrote, and Blush was written as its follow up. 

For the Sis, Get Your Sh*t Together Journals: I highly recommend starting with the first one, then doing the Struggle-Love Edition. 

"Can I gift your Ebooks to a friend?"

Yes! Absolutely. All you need is their email address (please make sure it's an email that works), and at checkout click "yes" next to the line that asks "Is this order a gift?" Just be sure to enter their email address correctly. 

"Are your books about your life?"

Yes, all of my books are stories about things I've been through, put myself through, and have overcome in my own life.



The Sis, Get Your Ish Together Membership is an intimate, troll-free, online community for women who are on their healing and spiritual journey, and need a little help or guidance through their inner work. When you join our community, you get immediate access to our library of previously recorded group classes which include: 

  • working through co-dependency 

  • healing from daddy wounds

  • understanding trauma bonding

  • getting in touch with your higher self

  • healing your inner teenager

  • situationship VS healthy relationship

  • partner VS parent to your partner

  • manifesting in your favour 

  • self-love 101

  • shadow work 101

  • finding the root of aggression

  • getting in touch with your higher self

  • soulmates, twin flames, karmics

You also get immediate access to previously recorded monthly Shadow Readings (which are timeless readings), and podcast episodes that are exclusive to the membership.

There is a members feed where the women in the community start conversations, ask and answer questions, share their insights, progress, and their epiphanies/realizations as they move through their inner work. To give you an idea of how the feed works - think a mix of Facebook and Instagram minus the random trolls, men, and your aunts tagging you in memes from 2010 that aren't funny LOL! 

I also upload journal prompts, inner work challenges, and whenever I find free PDF workbooks from therapists online, I drop them in there too. 

We also have "girls night" from time to time where we hop on Zoom and do some scrapbook journaling and/or make vision boards while we listen to something motivational in the background or have random girl chat. 

Our community is very respectful and supportive, and many of the women in it have been there since it began over a year ago. These women are kind souls with loving hearts between the ages of 20 to 57, who value safe spaces where they can learn and grow.

I only open up the membership periodically to allow new women to come in because maintaining the intimacy and allowing everyone to get a chance to settle in and get comfy is paramount to me. 

That said, the Sis, Get You Ish Together Membership is $15.99 per month or $140.99 for the year and is currently not open. However, you can click the button below to email my assistant, Reina, and she'll put you on the list so you can be the first to know when it opens up again!

Much love,

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