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Sunday, July 21st, 7PM EST.

I’m sure you’ve heard about Soul Ties at some point in these social media streets - but do you know what a Soul Tie really is, if you have one, and how to cut it? 


If you think you have a Soul Tie with someone (or more than one person), then this month's class is for you, girl. 


Class is on Sunday, July 21st at 7PM EST (if you live in a different time zone, kindly use Google to translate). Seats are 77USD and class will be recorded - so if you want to join but cannot make it on that day, no worries, replays are sent out via email the following evening to everyone who booked a seat. 


Bring your notebook/journal, pen, and something to sip on to stay hydrated, click the link below to book your seat, and let’s get to cutting - shall we? 

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